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Britta is the baby of this operation, she will be starting her Freshman year at NYU in Fall 2013. However, she will be spending her Freshman year in London (help her plan some shenanigans!) She is the blogger behind I Like These Books , a creator and co-host of the Standalone Reading Challenge and Reading Road-Trip .  Co-Mastermind behind The Quill Awards. Britta is also an henchman, er, I mean editorial assistant at Spencer Hill Press. If she's not reading a book or manuscript, you can guarantee she's either baking or babysitting... unless it is Tuesday or Sunday, in which case she is probably obsessing over her shows (Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Downton Abbey). Keep up with her on Twitter (be forewarned of the randomness).


Julie is a freshman in college in New York City where she’s studying for English-y things. She’s an assistant for one author, helps manage a street team for another author, reads manuscripts for several authors, and is now a freelance editor. She’s also been a book blogger for over three years. Netflix, tumblr, and twitter frequently eat up her time and her favorite thing about visiting her parents is seeing her cats.

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